Certificate III in School Support Services

Qualification Descriptor

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required by those providing school support services in a range of functions such as finance (Group D), administration (Group C), technology (Group E), scientific assistance (Group H), library assistance (Group G), disability support (Group F), hospitality (Group I), janitorial and grounds services Group J). It is not targeted at teacher aide occupations. Electives may be taken from a single stream, such as finance or disability support, or from a range of streams to suit the particular workplace. If all electives are chosen from Group B, the qualification is a generalist Certificate III, rather than this specialist qualification. Electives should reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance. Where a free choice of electives is possible in the qualification packaging rules, electives may also be drawn from other Training Packages to reflect the work context and career plans of the individual.


Packaging Rules

This qualification requires eleven units of competency:

five core units

six elective units from the list below including:

one unit from Group A and four units from one of the groups of elective units

one unit may be selected from elsewhere within this Training Package, or any endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course

Core Units

add topic PSPGOV301B

Work effectively in the organisation

add topic PSPGOV302B

Contribute to workgroup activities

add topic PSPGOV308B

Work effectively with diversity

add topic PSPGOV312A

Use workplace communication strategies

add topic CHCADMIN305D

Work within the administration protocols of the organisation

Group A Elective Units

add topic PSPOHS301A

Contribute to workplace safety

add topic MSL943002A

Participate in laboratory/field workplace safety

Group B Elective Units

add topic PSPGOV303B

Build and maintain internal networks

add topic PSPGOV305B

Access and use resources and financial systems

add topic PSPGOV306B

Implement change

add topic PSPGOV307B

Organise workplace information

add topic PSPGOV309A

Address client needs

add topic PSPGOV310A

Work in and with small, regional and remote organisations

add topic PSPGOV311A

Work with a coach or mentor

add topic PSPGOV312A

Use workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPGOV313A

Compose workplace documents

add topic PSPGOV314A

Contribute to conflict management

add topic PSPGOV315A

Give and receive workplace feedback

Group C Elective Units

add topic PSPPROC303A

Carry out basic procurement

add topic BSBADM302B

Produce texts from notes

add topic BSBADM311A

Maintain business resources

add topic BSBFLM305C

Support operational plan

add topic BSBFLM309C

Support continuous improvement systems and processes

add topic BSBFLM311C

Support a workplace learning environment

add topic BSBITU203A

Communicate electronically

add topic BSBITU301A

Create and use databases

add topic BSBITU309A

Produce desktop published documents

add topic BSBRES401A

Analyse and present research information

add topic BSBRKG301B

Control records

Group D Elective Units

add topic BSBFIA301A

Maintain financial records

add topic BSBFIA302A

Process payroll

add topic BSBFIA303A

Process accounts payable and receivable

add topic BSBFIA304A

Maintain a general ledger

add topic BSBITU305A

Conduct online transactions

add topic FNSICACC305B

Process payment documentation

add topic FNSICACC306A

Process journal entries

add topic FNSICACC401A

Evaluate and authorise payment requests

add topic FNSICORG302A

Prepare reports for management

Group E Elective Units

add topic ICAI4030B

Install software to networked computers

add topic ICAI3020B

Install and optimise operating system software

add topic ICAS3024B

Provide basic system administration

add topic ICAS3115B

Maintain equipment and software in working order

add topic ICAS4127B

Support system software

add topic ICAU3019B

Migrate to new technology

Group F Elective Units

add topic CHCDIS301A

Work effectively with people with a disability

add topic CHCEDS301A

Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment

add topic CHCEDS310A

Support learning for students with disabilities

add topic CHCEDS315B

Support students with additional needs in the classroom

add topic CHCIC301D

Interact effectively with children

add topic CHCICS301A

Provide support to meet personal care needs

add topic CHCICS305A

Provide behaviour support in the context of individualised plans

add topic CHCICS404A

Plan and provide advanced behaviour support

add topic CHCRF301D

Work effectively with families to care for the child

Group G Elective Units

add topic CULLB002B

Obtain information from external and networked sources to meet customer needs

add topic CULLB004B

Process information resource orders

add topic CULLB203C

Develop and use information literacy skills

add topic CULLB205C

Process and maintain information resources

add topic CULLB206C

Assist with circulation services

add topic CULMS207C

Assist with the presentation of public activities and events

add topic CULLB302C

Use cataloguing tools

add topic CULLB307C

Use multimedia information

add topic CULLB401C

Assist customers to access information

Group H Elective Units

add topic MSL924001A

Process and interpret data

add topic MSL933001A

Maintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose

add topic MSL933002A

Contribute to the achievement of quality objectives

add topic MSL943001A

Work safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation

add topic MSL952002A

Handle and transport samples or equipment

add topic MSL953001A

Receive and prepare samples for testing

add topic MSL963001A

Operate basic handblowing equipment

add topic MSL963002A

Repair glass apparatus using simple glassblowing equipment

add topic MSL973001A

Perform basic tests

add topic MSL973002A

Prepare working solutions

add topic MSL973003A

Prepare culture media

add topic MSL973004A

Perform aseptic techniques

add topic MSL973005A

Assist with fieldwork

add topic MSL973006A

Prepare trial batches for evaluation

add topic MSL973007A

Perform microscopic examination

Group I Elective Units

add topic SITHACS006A

Clean premises and equipment

add topic SITHCCC001A

Organise and prepare food

add topic SITHCCC002A

Present food

add topic SITHCCC003A

Receive and store kitchen supplies

add topic SITHCCC004A

Clean and maintain kitchen premises

add topic SITHCCC005A

Use basic methods of cookery

add topic SITHACS007A

Launder linen and guest clothes

add topic SITHCCC008A

Prepare stocks, sauces and soups

add topic SITHCCC009A

Prepare vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes

add topic SITHCCC016A

Develop cost-effective menus

add topic SITHCCC030A

Package prepared foodstuffs

add topic SITHCCC033A

Apply catering control principles

add topic SITXFSA001A

Implement food safety procedures

add topic SITXFSA003A

Transport and store food in a safe and hygienic manner

add topic SITXOHS002A

Follow workplace hygiene procedures

Group J Elective Units

add topic PSPPROC303A

Carry out basic procurement

add topic RIISAM203A

Use hand and power tools

add topic BSBITS401A

Maintain business technology

add topic CPPSEC2004A

Respond to security risk situation

add topic CPPSEC3003A

Determine response to security risk situation

add topic FPICOT2204A

Maintain chainsaws

add topic FPICOT2206A

Cross cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw

add topic NWP229B

Repair minor structures

add topic RTC2304A

Operate and maintain chainsaws*

add topic SRCAQU001B

Monitor pool water quality

add topic SRCAQU004B

Maintain pool water quality

add topic TLIA2207C

Participate in stocktakes

add topic TLID107C

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Not applicable.