Advanced Diploma of Government (Road Transport Compliance

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required of specialist regulatory managers in road transport compliance roles.

Electives should be chosen to reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance. Where a free choice of electives is possible in the packaging rules electives may be chosen to reflect the work context and career plans of the individual. Training delivery and assessment related to this qualification must be contextualised to the road transport regulatory environment.


15 units of competency are required for this qualification:

9 core units

6 elective units

Choose 6 electives including:

2 units from Group A, and

4 units from Group A or Group B or from anywhere within this Training Package, or from another endorsed Training Package or accredited course at this qualification level or higher, unless otherwise stated**

Elective units selected from other Training Packages or accredited courses must not duplicate units selected from or available within PSP12 Public Sector Training Package.

** If not already listed, a maximum of one unit may be selected from Diploma level.

Core units

add topic PSPETHC601B

Maintain and enhance confidence in public service

add topic PSPGOV601B

Apply government systems

add topic PSPGOV602B

Establish and maintain strategic networks

add topic PSPGOV605A

Persuade and influence opinion

add topic PSPGOV606A

Prepare high level/sensitive written materials

add topic PSPLEGN601B

Manage compliance with legislation in the public sector

add topic PSPREG601B

Manage regulatory compliance

add topic PSPREG602B

Evaluate regulatory compliance


Operate within the regulatory framework for road transport compliance

Elective units

Group A choose at least 2, and up to 6

add topic PSPREG603A

Manage and lead inspection and monitoring programs


Manage investigations


Coordinate multi-agency investigations


Manage major investigations

add topic PSPREG701A

Manage investigations program


Manage network access

add topic PSPWPI601B

Improve compliance through industry partnerships


add topic PSPMNGT613A

Develop partnering arrangements

add topic PSPWPI602B

Investigate complex issues

add topic PSPWPI604B

Represent and promote the organisation

add topic PSPWPI606B

Contribute to the development and revision of legislation and related documents

Group B choose up to 4

add topic PSPGOV524A

Interpret data and related statistics

add topic PSPMNGT602B

Manage resources

add topic PSPMNGT603B

Facilitate people management

add topic PSPMNGT604B

Manage change

add topic PSPMNGT605B

Manage diversity

add topic PSPMNGT606B

Manage quality client service

add topic PSPMNGT607B

Develop a business case

add topic PSPMNGT608B

Manage risk

add topic PSPMNGT610A

Manage public sector financial resources

add topic PSPMNGT611A

Manage evaluations

add topic PSPMNGT612A

Review and improve business performance

add topic PSPMNGT614A

Facilitate knowledge management

add topic PSPMNGT615A

Influence workforce effectiveness

add topic PSPMNGT701B

Provide strategic direction

add topic PSPOHS602A

Manage workplace safety

add topic PSPPA601A

Manage public affairs

add topic PSPPA603A

Manage media relationships

add topic PSPPOL603A

Manage policy implementation

add topic PUAPOL035B

Disseminate outputs from the intelligence process


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Not applicable.