Certificate IV in Public Safety (Artillery Operations)

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Qualification Requirement: 17 units

All 4 core units plus 7 units from the specialisation elective units plus 6 general elective units

Specialisation elective units should be selected from the fields that most closely align to an individual's occupational outcomes.

The 6 general elective units may be taken from the general elective units listed below, or may include 2 units taken from within this Training Package or any other endorsed Training Package at the same qualification level or a higher level.


Core Units

add topic PUADEFCA209B

Select sites for deployment in a threat environment

add topic PUADEFCM008B

Provide technical advice

add topic PUADEFEQ002B

Supervise equity and diversity in the workplace

add topic BSBCMN411A

Monitor a safe workplace


Specialisation Elective Units

add topic PUADEFCA206B

Observe targets and coordinate multi asset firepower on multiple targets

add topic PUADEFCA207B

Observe targets and engage with joint asset firepower from any agency

add topic PUADEFCA208B

Maintain radar systems at field operator level

add topic PUADEFCA210B

Supervise indirect fire weapons

add topic PUADEFCA211B

Supervise the destruction of hostile air targets using line of sight ground based air defence weapon systems

add topic PUADEFCA422B

Conduct range practices

add topic PUADEFCA423B

Manage range practices and qualifications

add topic PUADEFCA424B

Observe and direct machine gun fire

add topic PUADEFCA425B

Supervise the operation of mortars

add topic PUADEFCA426B

Supervise the operation of direct fire support weapons

add topic PUADEFCM107B

Supervise a section during defensive operations

add topic PUADEFCM108B

Supervise a section during offensive operations

add topic PUADEFCM109B

Supervise platoon level defensive operations

add topic PUADEFCM110B

Supervise platoon level offensive operations

add topic PUADEFOH003B

Identify and monitor radiation hazards

add topic PUADEFOH005B

Apply radio frequency radiation safety procedures

add topic PUADEFOH010B

Apply laser safety procedures

add topic PUADEFOH015B

Control entry to confined spaces

add topic PUADEFRI001B

Treat risk in defence at an operational level

add topic PUADEFRI002B

Conduct a risk assessment in a defence environment

add topic PUASES010A

Plan, activate and maintain a communications network

add topic PUATEA003B

Lead, manage and develop teams

add topic PSPGOV406B

Gather and analyse information

add topic PSPPM401B

Design simple projects

add topic PSPPM402B

Manage simple projects


General Elective Units

add topic BSBCMN404A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBFLM305A

Support operational plan

add topic BSBMGT401A

Show leadership in the workplace

add topic BSBSUS301A

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic PSPGOV307B

Organise workplace information

add topic PSPGOV403B

Use resources to achieve work unit goals

add topic PSPGOV404B

Develop and implement work unit plans

add topic PSPPROC406A

Procure goods and services

add topic PUADEFCM004B

Instruct a workplace physical training session in Defence

add topic PUADEFCM113C

Perform the duties of a defending officer

add topic PUADEFCM114C

Perform the duties of a prosecuting officer

add topic PUADEFCM116C

Provide advice on service discipline law

add topic PUADEFCM118B

Act as a range safety officer on a permanent range

add topic PUADEFCM119B

Conduct basic range practices on a permanent range

add topic PUADEFCM120C

Conduct individual and collective ceremonial drill

add topic PUACOM007B

Liaise with other organisations

add topic PUATEA002B

Work autonomously

add topic TAAASS301B

Contribute to assessment

add topic TAADEL301C

Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

add topic TDTU101A

Implement and monitor environmental protection policies and procedures


BSB units have been imported from the BSB01 and BSB07 Business Services Training Packages.

PMA units have been imported from the PMA02 Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Oil Refining Training Package.

PSP units have been imported from the PSP04 Public Sector Training Package.

TAA units have been imported from the TAA04 Training and Assessment Training Package.

TDT units have been imported from the TDT02 Transport and Distribution Training Package.

Information about customising PUA00 Public Safety Training Package qualifications is on page 12.


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary for PUA41306 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Artillery Operations)

Employability Skills are part of a unit of competency.

Employability Skills statements from a selection of units of competency from the PUA41306 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Artillery Operations) have been reproduced in the table below.

This table provides an example of Employability Skills for the qualification because Employability Skills within a qualification will vary depending on the qualification packaging options.

Public Safety qualifications have core units (which must be achieved) and elective units (where there is a choice of units which must be achieved) so different Employability Skills Summaries are possible within the one qualification, depending on the package of core units and chosen elective units.

Employability Skill

Employability Skills Statement


brief site occupants and supervisors

communicate and apply interpersonal skills

communicate and consult with battlespace operating system experts, commanders, other technical agencies and resource managers

compile reports on equity and diversity issues

conduct research and seek advice from relevant personnel to clarify unclear findings

develop techniques for giving and receiving feedback in a constructive manner

ensure written communication is to the required level to complete workplace forms and reports

identify and communicate equity and diversity strategies to team members

identify and confirm issues through consulting with relevant personnel (if necessary)

observe, receive and clarify circumstances that require the provision of advice

provide feedback on equity and diversity strategies to managers

receive and confirm orders from supervisor

select the most suitable site and record relevant data

use verbal and non-verbal communication techniques including body language, language style and active listening


apply techniques to support others

foster and promote equity and diversity practices

provide assistance to maximise individual contribution to the attainment of the team objectives

supervise and monitor equity and diversity processes within the workplace

understand team dynamics, aims and objectives

understand the composition, roles and responsibilities of team members

work within a team environment

Problem solving

analyse and solve problems

analyse collected data

calculate mathematical data

deal with minor incidents

identify issues, analyse circumstances and undertake research


resolve grievances and complaints without bias

select the most suitable site and record relevant data

take action to correct inappropriate behaviour

Initiative and enterprise

select sites

translate research and analysis into clear advice to stakeholders

Planning and organising

apply processes to resolve grievance and complaints

determine and manage the constraints and risks relevant to the task

evaluate possible sites for suitability

identify sources of information on equity and diversity in accordance with legislative requirements, and organisational policies and practices

prepare for site occupation

prepare for site selection

prepare a reconnaissance plan

provide advice to stakeholders within resource constraints and operational requirements

review possible sites from appropriate areas

understand and apply throughout the operation, occupational health and safety requirements and recognised safety precautions, including those contained in Australian Defence Force procedures


act independently

ensure that the individual decision making process is conducted in accordance with standard procedures

select sites through an independent reconnaissance


develop an understanding of research and analysis techniques


select and check equipment for serviceability

deploy the characteristics and capabilities of equipment

use appropriate information technology and software