Certificate IV in Seafood Industry Sales and Distribution

This qualification represents the competencies relevant to people working within the retail and/or wholesale sector of the seafood industry in a supervisory or leadership capacity. A person operating at this level may be expected to comply with legislative requirements as well as implement a range of enterprise policies and procedures. They will also use their knowledge and skills to solve problems, plan for future work activities and take responsibility for others.

The qualification will have application for people working:

on fishing dockside or aquaculture farm gate outlets or fishout/put-and-take operations

for seafood wholesalers, fish markets or retailers

for transport, storage and holding companies.

Job roles

Individuals operating at this level will have a broad range of well-developed skills and the ability to adapt and transfer skills to new activities. That person will have some responsibility for decision-making and coordinating team activities.

Their duties may include:

dealing with suppliers

handling and basic processing of seafood

maintaining food safety, occupational health and safety (OHS) and other compliance requirements

packing, labelling, holding or storage and distribution

temperature control, including chilling, freezing and deep freezing

weighing, grading and quality control

wholesale or retail sales.

Work may vary between enterprises.

Job role titles may include

sales supervisor

senior store person or supervisor

shift leaders or managers

team leader.


Packaging Rules

A total of twenty (20) units of competency must be achieved.

four (4) core units plus

four (4) sales and distribution specialist elective units (Group A) plus

twelve (12) elective units that may be selected from a combination of:

Group A sales and distribution specialist units not yet selected for this qualification

Group B elective units

imported units from this Training Package or from any other nationally endorsed Training Package or accredited course. A maximum of four (4) units can be imported, however, at least two (2) of those units must be aligned to Certificate IV or Diploma level. Units must be relevant to seafood sales and distribution and not duplicate units already selected.

Core units of competency

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFICORE101C *

Apply basic food handling and safety practices

add topic SFICORE103C

Communicate in the seafood industry

add topic SFICORE105B

Work effectively in the seafood industry

add topic SFICORE106B

Meet workplace OHS requirements

* Note: add topic SFICORE101C is not a required unit for operations that are growing or holding species not destined for human consumption. This includes ornamental or display species, stock for pearls, and stockers for conservation purposes. The unit FDFOP2063A Apply quality systems and procedures, is to be used in its place.

Elective units of competency

Group A: Sales and distribution specialist units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFIDIST301C

Wholesale product

add topic SFIDIST401C

Buy seafood product

add topic SFIDIST501C

Export product

add topic SFIDIST502C

Import product

add topic SFIPROC404C

Apply and monitor food safety requirements

add topic SFIPROC405C

Oversee the implementation of a food safety program in the workplace*

add topic SFIPROC404C Apply and monitor food safety requirements

add topic AHCWRK403A

Supervise work routines and staff performance

add topic FDFFS3001A

Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs*

add topic FDFFS2001A Implement the food safety program and procedures

add topic MTMCOR404A

Facilitate hygiene and sanitation performance*

add topic MTMCOR202A Apply hygiene and sanitation practices

Group B: Other elective units

Environmental management

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFIEMS301B

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic SFIEMS401B

Conduct an internal audit of an environmental management system

add topic BSBRSK401A

Identify risk and apply risk management processes

Occupational health and safety

Unit code

Unit title


Provide first aid

Seafood processing

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFIAQUA413A

Develop emergency procedures for an aquaculture enterprise

add topic SFIDIST201C

Prepare, cook and retail seafood products

add topic SFIDIST202C

Retail fresh, frozen and live seafood

add topic SFIOHS301C

Implement OHS policies and guidelines

add topic SFIPROC101C

Clean fish*

add topic SFIPROC106B Work with knives

add topic SFIPROC105B

Fillet fish and prepare portions*

add topic SFIPROC106B Work with knives

add topic SFIPROC106B

Work with knives

add topic SFISTOR301C

Operate refrigerated storerooms

add topic FDFFS2001A

Implement the food safety program and procedures

add topic FDFOP2010A

Work with temperature controlled stock


Manage store facilities

add topic SIRXINV005A

Control inventory

add topic SIRXMER004A

Manage merchandise and store presentation


Control store security

add topic TLID1002A

Shift a load using manually-operated equipment

Business services

Unit code

Unit title

add topic BSBADM407B

Administer projects

add topic BSBADM409A

Coordinate business resources

add topic BSBCUS401B

Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

add topic BSBEBU401A

Review and maintain a website

add topic BSBEBU501A

Investigate and design e-business solutions

add topic BSBFIA302A

Process payroll

add topic BSBFIA401A

Prepare financial reports

add topic BSBITU203A

Communicate electronically

add topic BSBITU305A

Conduct online transactions

add topic BSBITU404A

Produce complex desktop published documents

add topic BSBRES401A

Analyse and present research information

add topic BSBSUS301A

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic BSBWOR301B

Organise personal work priorities and development

Frontline management

Unit code

Unit title

add topic BSBATSIC411C

Communicate with the community

add topic BSBHRM404A

Review human resources functions

add topic BSBHRM405A

Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff

add topic BSBHRM501B

Manage human resources services

add topic BSBINM401A

Implement workplace information system

add topic BSBINN301A

Promote innovation in a team environment

add topic BSBLED401A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBMGT401A

Show leadership in the workplace

add topic BSBMGT403A

Implement continuous improvement

add topic BSBMGT502B

Manage people performance

Industry leadership Focus A - Sector representation

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFILEAD401B

Develop and promote knowledge of the industry sector

add topic SFILEAD402B

Negotiate effectively for the sector

add topic SFILEAD403B

Demonstrate commitment and professionalism

Industry leadership Focus B - Resource management group membership

Unit code

Unit title

add topic SFILEAD407A

Provide expert information to a resource management group

add topic SFILEAD408A

Analyse information to develop strategic seafood management options

add topic SFILEAD409A

Negotiate collective outcomes within the resource management group process

Small business management

Unit code

Unit title

add topic BSBINM201A

Process and maintain workplace information

add topic BSBSMB301A

Investigate micro business opportunities

add topic BSBSMB401A

Establish legal and risk management requirements of a small business

add topic BSBSMB402A

Plan small business finances

add topic BSBSMB403A

Market the small business

add topic BSBSMB404A

Undertake small business planning

add topic BSBSMB405B

Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406A

Manage small business finances

add topic BSBSMB407A

Manage a small team

Training and assessment

Unit code

Unit title

add topic TAEASS401B

Plan assessment activities and processes

add topic TAEASS402B

Assess competence

add topic TAEASS403B

Participate in assessment validation

add topic TAEDEL402A

Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace


    Pathways into the qualification

    Pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:

    SFI20611 Certificate II in Seafood Industry (Sales and Distribution)

    SFI30611 Certificate III in Seafood Industry (Sales and Distribution)

    prior experience related to seafood sales and distribution

    vocational and tertiary studies related to seafood sales and distribution.

    Pathways from the qualification

    After achieving this qualification candidates may undertake professional development activities in areas of benefit to their workplace and their personal aspirations.

Entry Requirements

Not Applicable

Licensing Information

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification considerations

Licences for operating motor vehicles, tractors, forklifts, vessels and other plant apply to some competencies.

Employability Skills


SFI40611 Certificate IV in Seafood Industry (Sales and Distribution)

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills as identified by the Sales and Distribution sector for this qualification. This table should be interpreted in conjunction with the detailed requirements of each unit of competency packaged in this qualification. The outcomes described here are broad industry requirements and may vary from one agency to another.

Employability Skill

Industry requirements for this qualification include:


accessing, interpreting and applying regulatory information

analysing data and information to determine specifications

communicating with all team members in a professional manner

completing workplace documentation and records

demonstrating effective and appropriate communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with people

demonstrating effective and appropriate documentation, communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with internal and external clients

developing work instructions, specifications and procedures

using a range of communication technologies to support work operations.


demonstrating leadership skills

identifying and managing performance required to meet internal and external customer needs in own work and team work

liaising with and providing support to other team members

managing organisational processes and providing problem-solving support to others

working cooperatively with people of different ages, gender, race or religion.

Problem solving

identifying factors which may affect the product or service to be provided

identifying hazards and suggesting control measures

identifying, rectifying or reporting potential and actual problems associated with work operations

implementing food safety procedures in the workplace

investigating problem causes

monitoring food safety practices

using food safety and product knowledge to solve problems.

Initiative and enterprise

assessing quality and other indicators of products

assisting in the implementation of continuous improvement processes

determining and acting on situations requiring further information or problem solving

gathering and analysing feedback on products, processes and procedures

providing leadership in the workplace

supporting achievement of efficient production processes

Planning and organising

demonstrating time-management skills

identifying hazards and implementing appropriate hazard control measures

optimising work processes

scheduling and sequencing work to maximise safety and productivity

sourcing and preparing materials and resources and ensure availability to support work operations.


implementing and monitoring workplace procedures and instructions

interpreting and applying relevant Acts and regulations

keeping the work area clean and tidy at all times

managing own time to meet deadlines

monitoring own work and work of team and identifying and acting on any quality issues.


assessing work data and information to identify areas for improved performance

being supportive and assertive and using interpersonal skills to encourage workplace learning

gathering feedback on own work to assess effectiveness in meeting objectives and integrate information into own practice

identifying own training needs and seeking skill development if required

implementing learning activities as appropriate to ensure achievement of specified work requirements.


ensuring readiness and operational efficiency of workplace technology

helping others use technology efficiently and safely

operating refrigeration facilities

using computer software applications effectively.