Certificate III in Community Activity Programs

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring autonomous work within a defined range of situations and activities. Qualification outcomes will depend on the specialisation chosen and include conducting both general and specific community based recreation programs such as recreational dance, self defence and programs for children and clients with a disability. Work would be undertaken in locations such as community recreation centres and indoor or outdoor recreation facilities with a focus on community development.

Job roles

The following are indicative job roles for this qualification:

community dance instructor

program instructor

recreation officer

self-defence instructor.


18 units must be completed:

11 core units

7 elective units, consisting of:

all the units in any one of Groups A to D

the remaining to make up the required 7 elective units from General Electives; up to 3 of these remaining units may be selected elsewhere in SIS10 or any current accredited course or other Training Package, and must be first packaged at AQF level 2, 3 or 4.

In all cases, selection of electives must be selected from units not previously completed and relate to the core function or role of the candidate's current or intended work environment, local industry requirements and the characteristics of this qualification (as per the AQF descriptors).


add topic BSBWOR301B

Organise personal work priorities and development


Provide first aid

add topic SISCCRD301A

Facilitate community development through recreational activities

add topic SISCCRO302A

Apply legal and ethical instructional skills

add topic SISXCAI303A

Plan and conduct sport and recreation sessions

add topic SISXCAI306A

Facilitate groups

add topic SISXCCS201A

Provide customer service

add topic SISXEMR201A

Respond to emergency situations

add topic SISXIND101A

Work effectively in sport and recreation environments

add topic SISXRES301A

Provide public education in the use of resources

add topic SISXRSK301A

Undertake risk analysis of activities


Group A - Cross-Sector

add topic SISFFIT311A

Deliver approved community fitness programs

add topic SISXCAI101A

Provide equipment for activities

Group B - Disability

add topic CHCDIS301C

Work effectively with people with a disability

add topic SISCCRD303A

Facilitate inclusion for people with a disability

add topic SISCCRO304A

Plan and conduct disability recreation programs

Group C - Older Persons

add topic CHCAC318B

Work effectively with older people

add topic SISCCRO303A

Plan and conduct recreation programs for older persons

Group D - Self-defence

add topic SISCSDF301A

Instruct the basic skills of unarmed self-defence

add topic SISCSDF302A

Instruct the intermediate skills of unarmed self-defence

add topic SISXCAI101A

Provide equipment for activities

General electives

Community Recreation Development

add topic SISCCRD302A

Recruit and manage volunteers

add topic SISCCRD303A

Facilitate inclusion for people with a disability

add topic SISCCRD304A

Work with key stakeholders

Community Recreation Operations

add topic SISCCRO303A

Plan and conduct recreation programs for older persons

add topic SISCCRO304A

Plan and conduct disability recreation programs

add topic SISCCRO305A

Develop a budget for a recreation initiative

add topic SISCCRO306A

Organise participant travel


add topic SISCDAN301A

Teach recreational dance


add topic SISFFIT311A

Deliver approved community fitness programs


add topic BSBITU201A

Produce simple word processed documents

add topic CHCAC318B

Work effectively with older people

add topic CHCDIS301C

Work effectively with people with a disability

add topic CHCYTH301E

Work effectively with young people

add topic ICAICT203A

Operate application software packages


Sell products and services


    This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of endorsement.

Employability Skills


Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Communicating with clients and colleagues to determine and interpret their specific requirements; understanding verbal and written information on community activity programs; preparing community based recreation session plans; interpreting and carrying out verbal instructions from supervisors; empathising and negotiating acceptable solutions to client requests and complaints to ensure a positive recreation experience; providing clear verbal instructions to clients when conducting recreation programs.

Initiative and enterprise

Showing initiative and independence in delivering community activity program sessions that meet or exceed client expectations; adjusting programs to accommodate differences in clients, equipment and facilities; taking correct action and following established procedures on discovery of an actual or potential emergency, security or safety hazard; reflecting on own performance for improvement.


Knowing the structure of networks and sources of information within the community; keeping well informed of updates and changes to organisational policies, procedures and regulations; seeking information on new and innovative community activity programs; accessing professional development opportunities to strengthen own skill base and contributing to a learning environment through openly sharing knowledge and experiences.

Planning and organising

Collecting, analysing and recording information to allow for the efficient planning and delivery of community activity programs; setting work priorities and scheduling programs to avoid conflicts and avoid duplication of resources; following organisation policies and procedures to plan and deliver community activity programs in an efficient manner.


Identifying hazards and risks that may arise during community activity programs; mitigating problems by making variations to the activity or program that are within scope of responsibility; clarifying the extent of, and resolving problems through negotiating with clients in a sensitive and culturally appropriate manner; taking responsibility for seeking assistance from colleagues to resolve issues and to manage contingencies; determining appropriate content for community activity programs.


Understanding and complying with the legal and ethical responsibilities that apply to own role in the community recreation industry; understanding the boundaries of own role and correctly determining when referral to, or assistance from, colleagues or other professionals is required; time management to complete tasks in accordance with agreed deadlines; seeking and acting on feedback from supervisors, colleagues and clients to improve own work performance.


Working as a skilled team member, receiving instructions and understanding own role in preparing and conducting community activity programs; supporting other team members to provide quality recreation experiences for clients; recognising and adapting sessions appropriately to cultural and language differences.


Understanding and utilising the operating capability of computer systems and software that assist in planning and delivering community activity programs and services; safely using and maintaining recreation equipment according to manufacturer's specifications and organisation policies and procedures.