Install irrigation systems

This unit covers the process of installing pressurised irrigation systems and defines the standard required to: organise resources for installation work; set out and prepare site; install irrigation components; complete installation work, and commission irrigation systems; and communicate with work team members, supervisors, contractors and consultants.


This unit is likely to be carried out under routine supervision within enterprise guidelines.

Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Organise resources for installation work

1.1. Materials, tools, equipment and machinery are selected according to the irrigation system design requirements and enterprise work procedures.

1.2. The construction site for the irrigation system and construction method is identified according to the site and irrigation system plans and enterprise work procedures.

1.3. Parts and equipment delivered to site are checked according to system drawings and specifications.

1.4. Pre-operational and safety checks are carried out on tools, equipment and machinery according to manufacturer specifications and enterprise work procedures.

1.5. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards are identified, risks assessed, controls implemented and reported to the supervisor.

1.6. Suitable safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) are selected, used and maintained.

1.7. Water supply is checked to ensure that it is compatible with system specifications.

2. Set out and prepare site

2.1. Measurement and marking out of irrigation lines are consistent with the plan.

2.2. Trenches, where constructed, are at the specified depth without damage to services, facilities, features and established plants.

2.3. Equipment operation and work practices conform to enterprise and legislative OHS requirements.

2.4. Regulations and legislation relevant to the situation are observed.

2.5. Work practices reflect sustainable horticulture principles and respond to local community requirements.

3. Install irrigation components

3.1. Plan is interpreted and, where applicable, contractors are supervised and work is monitored to conform to the plan.

3.2. Components are assembled and connected according to the plan, and joints are completed and tested according to manufacturer specifications.

3.3. Fittings and valves are fitted and adjusted to the requirements of the installation plan, and all joints are secured according to enterprise guidelines.

3.4. A clean and safe work area is maintained while installation work is carried out.

3.5. Tools appropriate to the task being undertaken are chosen and used according to guidelines and safe working practices are employed.

4. Complete installation work

4.1. Earthworks are finished off to plan specifications and enterprise work procedures.

4.2. The system configuration and capacity matches the installation plan.

4.3. The site is restored and waste material is removed from the site and disposed of in an environmentally aware and safe manner according to enterprise work procedures.

4.4. Tools, equipment and machinery are cleaned, maintained and stored according to enterprise work procedures.

5. Commission irrigation system

5.1. Start-up sequence is in accordance with operations manual.

5.2. System is flushed as required.

5.3. Operating faults are identified and corrective actions taken according to the operations manual.

5.4. Testing and monitoring equipment are calibrated to manufacturer specifications.

5.5. Work outcomes are recorded or reported to the supervisor according to enterprise work procedures.

Required Skills

Required skills

identify hazards and implement safe work procedures

organise resources for installation work

set out and prepare site

install irrigation components

complete installation work

commission irrigation system

implement and follow relevant enterprise OHS and environmental policies and procedures

use literacy skills to read, interpret and follow organisational policies and procedures, follow sequenced written instructions, record information collected accurately and legibly, and select and apply procedures for a range of tasks

use oral communication skills/language competence to fulfil the job role as specified by the organisation, including questioning techniques, active listening, clarifying information and consulting with supervisors as required

use numeracy skills to estimate, calculate and record routine workplace measures

use interpersonal skills to work with and relate to people from a range of cultural, social and religious backgrounds and with a range of physical and mental abilities.

Required knowledge

methods and techniques of irrigation

components of an irrigation system

characteristics and operation of joints, valves and sprinkler components

operation of pumps and water flow rates

behaviour of water on varying terrain and soil types

soil water retention testing techniques

water quality and water filtration techniques

calculations for installing irrigation systems

soil characteristics

environmental impacts of installing irrigation systems

enterprise OHS procedures.

Evidence Required

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

Overview of assessment

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

The evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit must be relevant to workplace operations and satisfy holistically all of the requirements of the performance criteria and required skills and knowledge and include achievement of the following:

organise resources for installation work

set out and prepare site

install irrigation components

complete installation work

commission irrigation systems and communicate with work team members, supervisors, contractors and consultants.

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Competency requires the application of work practices under work conditions. Selection and use of resources for some worksites may differ due to the regional or enterprise circumstances.

Range Statement

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole.

System may include:

irrigation systems, such as mains pressure, low pressure, below ground, above ground, spray systems, dripper and capillary systems.


Unit sector


Employability Skills

This unit contains employability skills.

Licensing Information

Not Applicable