Co-ordinate and direct clothing changes


This unit of competency describes the outcomes required to co-ordinate and direct machinery clothing changes to meet safety, quality and productivity requirements for product output.

The unit applies to production operators and technicians who work in a pulp or paper manufacturing facility. This typically involves working in a facility with complex integrated equipment and continuous operations.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory, or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the range of conditions.

1. Prepare machine and equipment for clothing change

1.1. Identify clothing problems causing production issues and determine need for clothing change.

1.2. Obtain new clothing to be installed and direct operators to prepare it.

1.3. Prepare equipment for isolation and shut down equipment in line with organisational safety and standard operating procedures.

2. Remove and install machine clothing

2.1. Prepare and remove damaged or exhausted machine clothing.

2.2. Dismantle and remove machine parts in line with organisational safety and standard operating procedures.

2.3. Install new machine clothing in line with manufacturer’s specifications.

2.4. Reassemble machine parts and replace as required.

2.5. Remove isolations and establish and confirm operational settings to required specification.

3. Prepare machine section for production

3.1. Inspect clothing section for potential hazards, assess and control associated risks.

3.2. Tension clothing to specification and to meet operational requirements.

3.3. Check and adjust clothing guiding system to operational specification.

3.4. Record and report clothing change process to appropriate personnel.

Evidence of Performance

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must satisfy all of the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, and must be able to provide evidence that they can:

co-ordinate and direct clothing changes for pulp and paper manufacturing equipment, at least twice in line with required enterprise intervals

on completion of clothing change jobs, complete accurate basic records for clothing change processes.

Evidence of Knowledge

A person competent in this unit must be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

methods used to assess clothing problems and associated production issues

typical faults with machinery clothing and effects on machine and process productivity:

end of life

score mark

holes and tears




scold marks



process stages and key control points undertaking clothing changes

operational specifications for:

tensioning clothing

clothing guiding systems

safe manual handling techniques for shifting machinery clothing

organisational procedures:

standard operating procedures specific to clothing changes

workplace health and safety with particular emphasis on equipment lock out, manual handling and use of personal protective equipment

communication reporting lines

recording and reporting clothing change processes.

Assessment Conditions

The following resources must be made available:

pulp and paper manufacturing equipment for which clothing changes are made

equipment used to remove and install clothing and dismantle and reassemble machinery

replacement clothing

personal protective equipment suitable for completing clothing changes

template documents for recording clothing change processes

organisational workplace health and safety and standard operating procedures for clothing changes

relevant personnel for the purposes of communicating information

Competency is to be assessed in the workplace or in a productive environment that accurately reflects performance in a workplace.

Assessor requirements

Assessors must:

hold the appropriate assessor competency standards as outlined in regulations; and

be able to demonstrate vocational competencies at least to the level being assessed; and

be able to demonstrate how they are continuing to develop their VET knowledge and skills as well as maintaining their industry currency and assessor competence.

Foundation Skills

This section describes those core and employment skills that are essential to performance and are not explicit in the performance criteria.

Numeracy skills to:

interpret basic numerical settings on instruments and gauges and set to operational specification.

Oral communication skills to:

provide clear unambiguous instructions about requirements for clothing changes to operators.

Reading skills to:


workplace health and safety and standard operating procedures

manufacturer’s specifications

Writing skills to:

complete accurate basic records for clothing change processes.

Planning and organising skills to:

efficiently and logically sequence the stages of preparing for and completing clothing changes.

Range Statement

Not Applicable


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