Assist in dispensary stock control

This unit covers skills and knowledge required to maintain a dispensary stock control system.


This unit applies to community pharmacy employees working in dispensary stock control. Work is carried out under direction of a pharmacist.


SIRPPKS001A Support the sale of pharmacy and pharmacist-only medicines

SIRPDIS003A Assist in dispensary operations

Elements and Performance Criteria




Source and requisition dispensary stock.


Identify dispensary stock requirements.


Obtain information on stock availability, cost and delivery capacity.


Seek approval for stock orders to meet stock maintenance requirements.


Place orders for dispensary items.


Receive dispensary stock.


Observe OHS requirements when handling and storing dispensary stock.


Inspect stock quantities and quality against order.


Identify and report order discrepancies or unacceptable quality.


Record dispensary stock data.


Label or ticket dispensary stock as required.


Alert a pharmacist of delivery of controlled drugs.


Maintain stock control documentation.


Store dispensary stock.


Identify and follow timely storage and handling requirements of dispensary products.


Identify and follow dispensary product layout when placing stock on shelves or storage locations.


Monitor and maintain storage conditions to maintain product integrity and meet legal requirements.


Apply product security procedures.


Control dispensary stock levels.


Identify and confirm working stock levels with a pharmacist.


Implement dispensary stock control procedures.


Implement stocktaking procedures.


Investigate, resolve and report on stock discrepancies.


Collect and dispose of dispensary stock waste.


Label and report expired, damaged or returned stock to a pharmacist.


Sort waste and reject dispensary products according to disposal procedures.


Handle and dispose of dispensary stock and waste according to disposal procedures.


Maintain customer privacy and confidentiality when disposing of dispensary information.


Update dispensary stock records following disposal.

Required Skills

This section describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level, required for this unit.

The following skills must be assessed as part of this unit:

interpersonal communication skills to:

seek approval for stock orders and confirm working stock levels

alert pharmacist to delivery of controlled drugs

report discrepancies, unacceptable quality and expired, damaged and returned stock through clear and direct communication

ask questions to identify and confirm requirements

use language and concepts appropriate to cultural differences

use and interpret non-verbal communication

apply literacy skills to read and interpret requisition and delivery documentation

apply numeracy skills to support stock taking and reconciliation activities

place orders to maintain required levels

receive and store stock in a timely manner

conduct stocktakes

maintain storage areas to meet good housekeeping requirements

plan and organise work to meet dispensary stock control requirements.

The following knowledge must be assessed as part of this unit:

pharmacy policies, protocols and procedures relating to dispensary stock control, including:

dispensary access procedures

ordering and receiving dispensary stock

performing a dispensary stocktake

product return and recall procedures

maintaining security of dispensary stock

waste handling, sorting and disposal

dispensary layout and storage locations for dispensary items, including requirements for storing scheduled medicines

dispensary databases and information systems to support management of supplier information and goods requisition

dispensary housekeeping checklist and responsibilities

OHS and environmental management issues relating to the handling and disposal of dispensary items

role boundaries and responsibilities for maintaining and controlling dispensary stock

communication methods and systems to operate as part of a team and provide relevant information to a pharmacist and other pharmacy staff as required

customer entitlements to privacy and confidentiality.

Evidence Required

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, the range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for this Training Package.

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Evidence of the following is essential:

applies pharmacy policies, standards and guidelines, industry legislation and codes of practice in regard to dispensary stock control tasks, including:

identifying and storing dispensary products

procurement and stocktaking procedures

maintaining storage conditions

locating and storing dispensary products

risk management procedures to minimise selection errors

maintaining stock control records

safe and legal disposal of dispensary waste

follows contingency control procedures, including procedures for returning pharmacy products to supplier or manufacturer and procedures for receiving returned goods from customer to pharmacy

respects and protects customer privacy when communicating with customers and maintaining customer records

recognises situations requiring referral to a pharmacist or other pharmacy staff according to pharmacy policy

applies OHS practices

maintains housekeeping standards in the dispensary stores area.

plans and carries out work to meet dispensary stock control requirements.

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Assessment must ensure:

demonstration of dispensary stock control activities over a period of time

demonstration of storing a range of items, including scheduled items requiring storage in secure areas and items with special handling and storage requirements

performance is observed by the assessor or the technical expert working in partnership with the assessor.

access to a real or simulated workplace environment that meets Pharmacy Board and relevant industry standards for dispensary stock control

access to relevant pharmacy protocols and procedures

access to state or territory legislation and guidelines where appropriate

access to dispensary stock control record-keeping systems

access to relevant documentation, such as:

purchase orders

invoices and statements

packing slips

credit slips

standing orders

electronic data interchange (EDI) forms

access to a range of medicines and related equipment

access to storage equipment and capacity appropriate to a dispensary.

Methods of assessment

A range of assessment methods should be used to assess practical skills and knowledge. The following examples are appropriate for this unit:

a qualified workplace assessor, or a technical expert working in partnership with the assessor, to observe the dispensary assistant performing a range of stock control tasks over sufficient time to demonstrate handling of a range of contingencies.

written or verbal questioning to assess knowledge and understanding.

evidence that completion of workplace documentation and records relevant to dispensary stock control operations is timely and accurate.

Holistic assessment with other units relevant to the industry sector, workplace and job role is recommended.

Assessing employability skills

Employability skills are integral to effective performance in the workplace and are broadly consistent across industry sectors. How these skills are applied varies between occupations and qualifications due to the different work functions and contexts.

Employability skills embedded in this unit should be assessed holistically in the context of the job role and with other relevant units that make up the skill set or qualification.

Range Statement

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance. Bold italicised wording in the performance criteria is detailed below.

Assisting in dispensary stock control must comply with:

local, federal and state or territory legislation

industry codes of practice, standards and guidelines

community pharmacy policies, protocols and procedures relating to assisting a pharmacist in dispensary stock control.

Dispensary stock may include:

scheduled products

products requiring special handling, e.g. refrigerated stock

raw materials for compounding.

Storage conditions may include:


cold chain requirements

temperature, humidity, light and security


correct storage of hazardous substances.

Dispensary stock control procedures may include:

maintaining storage conditions

dispensary stock rotation

keeping dispensary stock undamaged

monitoring expiry dates

aiding dispensary stock selection

maintaining current shelf labels.

Disposal may include:

return to supplier

safe destruction according to pharmacy policy, legislative requirements and environmental protection guidelines

disposal service.

Disposalprocedures must be performed:

under pharmacist supervision and according to federal and state or territory and local legislation.



Community Pharmacy

Competency Field


Employability Skills

The required outcomes described in this unit contain applicable facets of employability skills. The Employability Skills Summary of the qualification in which this unit is packaged will assist in identifying employability skills requirements.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.