Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

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Core Units

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Prevent injury

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Respond to wildfire

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Prepare, maintain and test response equipment

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Work in a team


Elective Units

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Respond to isolated/remote structure fire

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Respond to urban fire

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Respond to aviation incident (specialist)

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Check installed fire safety systems

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Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

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Participate in community safety activities

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Work safely around aircraft

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Undertake hover-exit operations from helicopter

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Undertake helicopter winch operations

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Rappel from helicopter

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Communicate in the workplace

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Provide services to clients

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Provide emergency care

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Protect and preserve incident scene

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Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures

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Operate communications systems and equipment

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Participate in a rescue operation

add topic PUASAR008B

Search as a member of a land search team

add topic PUATEA004D

Work effectively in a public safety organisations

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Operate communications systems and equipment

add topic PUASAR022A

Participate in a rescue operation

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Participate in an urban search and rescue Category 1


It is important to note that where units of competency within this qualification have pre-requisite requirements, the learner must have been assessed as competent within a fire context prior to undertaking training or assessment.

Information about customising PUA00 Public Safety Training Package qualifications is on page 12..


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary for PUA20701 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

Employability Skills are part of a unit of competency.

Employability Skills statements from a selection of units of competency from the PUA20701 Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations) have been reproduced in the table below.

This table provides an example of Employability Skills for the qualification because Employability Skills within a qualification will vary depending on the qualification packaging options.

Public Safety qualifications have core units (which must be achieved) and elective units (where there is a choice of units which must be achieved) so different Employability Skills Summaries are possible within the one qualification, depending on the package of core units and chosen elective units.

The Employability Skills within a qualification may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

These Employability Skills may be obtained by the completion of this qualification but in no way reflect skills that may apply to any particular position within a fire service.

Employability Skill

Employability Skills Statement


Working under direction:

give and receive information to complete workplace tasks in accordance with the organisation's requirements

follow given procedures and work instructions

report identified changes in incident behaviour and conditions to supervisor

raise identified occupational health and safety issues with designated personnel

participate in activities/debriefings

note evidence of fire cause and bringing this to the attention of the supervisor


work with others and make a positive contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of a team

recognise roles and responsibilities of team members

undertake activities as a member of a team

seek peer support when required

Problem solving

Working under direction and in accordance with the organisation's procedures:

gain access to the fire, protect life and minimise damage to property and environment

recognise hazards in the work area, rectify where possible and report to designated personnel according to workplace procedures

Initiative and enterprise

raise occupational health and safety issues with designated personnel in accordance with workplace procedures and relevant occupational health and safety legislation

Planning and organising

inspect equipment in accordance with organisation's procedures

clean, maintain, assemble and stow equipment according to organisation's procedures


maintain personal safety at all times in accordance with the organisation's procedures and occupational health and safety guidelines

recognise personal capabilities and limitations and refer them to the supervisor


learn about fire behaviour

learn about methods of heat transfer

learn about principles and methods of extinguishment

learn about occupational health and safety policy relevant to the maintenance, servicing and testing of equipment

learn about organisation's policies and procedures concerning the use, testing, cleaning and servicing of response equipment


In accordance with the organisation's procedures:

operate equipment

monitor, transmit and receive information using communications systems and equipment