Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

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Core Units

add topic PUAFIR301B

Undertake community safety activities

add topic PUAFIR302B

Suppress urban fire*


add topic PUAFIR303B

Suppress wildfire*

add topic PUAOHS002B

Maintain safety at an incident site

add topic PUATEA002B

Work autonomously


Elective Units

add topic PUAFIR304B

Respond to marine emergencies

add topic PUAFIR305B

Respond to aviation incidents (general)

add topic PUAFIR306B

Render hazardous materials incidents safe

add topic PUAFIR307B

Monitor hazardous atmospheres

add topic PUAFIR308B

Employ personal protection at a hazardous materials incident

add topic PUAFIR309B

Operate pumps

add topic PUAFIR310B

Operate aerial or specialist appliances

add topic PUAFIR311B

Dispatch rappel personnel and equipment from a helicopter

add topic PUAFIR312B

Operate aerial ignition equipment in an aircraft

add topic PUAFIR313B

Operate aviation support equipment

add topic PUAFIR314B

Utilise installed fire safety systems

add topic PUAFIR315B

Navigate from an aircraft

add topic PUACOM005B

Foster a positive organisational image in the community

add topic PUACOM006B

Plan and conduct a public awareness program

add topic PUAEME002C

Manage injuries at emergency incident

add topic PUAEME003C

Administer oxygen in an emergency situation

add topic PUALAW002B

Conduct initial investigation at incident scene

add topic PUAOPE003B

Navigate in urban and rural environments

add topic PUASAR002B

Undertake road accident rescue

add topic PUASAR003B

Undertake technical rescue

add topic PUASAR004B

Undertake vertical rescue

add topic PUASAR005B

Undertake confined space rescue

add topic PUASAR006B

Undertake trench rescue

add topic PUASAR007B

Undertake structural collapse rescue

add topic PUAVEH001B

Drive vehicles under operational conditions

add topic TAADEL301B

Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

add topic PUAOPE014A

Navigate to an incident

add topic PUAOPE020A

Lead a crew

add topic PUASAR024A

Undertake road crash rescue

add topic PUASAR025A

Undertake confined space rescue

add topic PUASAR026A

Undertake industrial and domestic rescue

add topic PUASAR027A

Undertake land search rescue

add topic PUASAR028A

Undertake rescue from a partial structural collapse

add topic PUASAR029A

Undertake a complex transport rescue

add topic PUASAR030A

Undertake trench rescue

add topic PUASAR031A

Undertake an urban search and rescue Category 2

add topic PUASAR032A

Undertake vertical rescue


It is important to note that where units of competency within this qualification have pre-requisite requirements, the learner must have been assessed as competent within a fire context prior to undertaking training or assessment.

TAA unit has been imported from the TAA04 Training and Assessment Training Package.

Information about customising PUA00 Public Safety Training Package qualifications is on page12.


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary for PUA30701 Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations)

Employability Skills are part of a unit of competency.

Employability Skills statements from a selection of units of competency from the PUA30701 Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations) have been reproduced in the table below.

This table provides an example of Employability Skills for the qualification because Employability Skills within a qualification will vary depending on the qualification packaging options.

Public Safety qualifications have core units (which must be achieved) and elective units (where there is a choice of units which must be achieved) so different Employability Skills Summaries are possible within the one qualification, depending on the package of core units and chosen elective units.

The Employability Skills within a qualification may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

These Employability Skills may be obtained by the completion of this qualification but in no way reflect skills that may apply to any particular position within a fire service.

Employability Skill

Employability Skills Statement


receive fire details and respond in accordance with the organisation's procedures

maintain and monitor communication throughout firefighting operations in accordance with the organisation's procedures

provide situation reports (Sitreps)

consult community members and organisations, where appropriate, during the identification and/or inspection process

prepare reports, verbal and/or written, and submit to immediate supervisor


work as a member of a team under limited supervision

identify hazards to self and others and take appropriate action to safeguard against injury

work with others at a scene, which may include organisational personnel, personnel from other organisations, general public

Problem solving

report and act upon changes to fire condition, within limits of responsibility, to determine firefighting tactics

monitor equipment and take appropriate action to ensure efficiency of operation, in accordance with the organisation's procedures

Initiative and enterprise

continually monitor fire and significant changes affecting the status of the fire and report the effectiveness of selected firefighting strategies in accordance with the organisation's procedures

Planning and organising

conduct inspections to provide for relevant information for pre-incident planning

conduct risk reduction activities in accordance with the organisation's procedures

site and position equipment to support operations in accordance with the organisation's requirements

implement maintenance procedures to ensure equipment is serviceable in accordance with the organisation's requirements


remain calm under pressure

ensure personal safety is maintained

undertake duties in line with organisational health and safety codes of practice and relevant legislation


learn about fire behaviour and the impact of firefighting tactics

learn about firefighting and emergency response operations in accordance with the organisation's safe work practices

learn about maintaining universal hygiene precautions


use firefighting and emergency response equipment and application techniques

use computers