Certificate IV in Public Safety (Defence Diving)

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Qualification Requirement: 15 units

All 5 core units plus 7 units from the specialisation elective units plus 3 general elective units

Specialist elective units should be selected from the fields that most closely align to an individual's occupational outcomes.

The general elective units may be taken from the general elective units listed below, or may include 2 units taken from within this Training Package or any other endorsed Training Package at the same qualification level or at a higher level.


Core Units

add topic PUADEFDV001B

Dive using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus in open water to 30 metres

add topic PUADEFDV002B

Support SCUBA diving operations from the surface

add topic PUADEFEQ001C

Work with equity and diversity

add topic BSBCMN211A

Participate in workplace safety procedures


Apply basic First Aid


Specialisation Elective Units

Specialist Diving Field

add topic PUADEFDV003B

Act as a standby diver

add topic PUADEFDV004B

Dive using surface-supplied breathing apparatus in open water to 30 metres

add topic PUADEFDV005B

Dive using closed-circuit breathing apparatus (N2O2) in open water to a maximum depth of 40 metres

add topic PUADEFDV006B

Dive using closed-circuit breathing apparatus (O2) in open water to a maximum depth of 10 metres

add topic PUADEFDV007B

Dive using closed-circuit breathing apparatus (HeO2) in open water to a maximum depth of 60 metres

add topic SROSCB008A

Inspect and fill SCUBA cylinders

Work Diving Field

add topic PUADEFDV008B

Employ hand tools in an underwater environment

add topic PUADEFDV009B

Conduct an underwater search of a ship's hull

add topic PUADEFDV010B

Employ power tools in an underwater environment

add topic PUADEFDV011B

Perform non-technical structural inspections underwater

add topic PUADEFDV012B

Perform underwater beach and waterway surveys

add topic PUADEFDV013B

Employ air-lift devices underwater

add topic PUADEFDV014B

Perform concreting in an underwater environment

add topic PUADEFDV015B

Employ explosive power tools in an underwater environment

add topic PUADEFDV016B

Perform underwater rigging work

add topic PUADEFDV017B

Employ thermal cutting and welding tools (non-load bearing) in an underwater environment

add topic PUADEFEO714C

Conduct underwater explosive demolitions

Emergency Field

add topic PUAEMEO03B

Administer oxygen in an emergency situation


Apply advanced First Aid


Prepare multi-place hyperbaric chamber


Operate multi-place hyperbaric chamber


Conduct post compression routines


Implement emergency procedures for hyperbaric chamber


General Elective Units

add topic BSBCMN311A

Maintain workplace safety

add topic BSBCMN404A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBFLM305A

Support operational plan

add topic BSBMGT401A

Show leadership in the workplace

add topic BSBSUS301A

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic PMASUP220A

Monitor and control environmental hazards

add topic PSPGOV307B

Organise workplace information

add topic PSPGOV403B

Use resources to achieve work unit goals

add topic PSPGOV404B

Develop and implement work unit plans

add topic PSPPROC406A

Procure goods and services

add topic PUACOM007B

Liaise with other organisations

add topic PUATEA002B

Work autonomously


BSB units have been imported from the BSB01 Business Services Training Package.

HLT units have been imported from the HLT02 Health Training Package.

PMA units have been imported from the PMA02 Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Oil Refining Training Package.

PSP units have been imported from the PSP04 Public Sector Training Package.

SRO unit has been imported from the SRO03 Outdoor Recreation Industry Training Package.

Information about customising PUA00 Public Safety Training Package qualifications is on page 12.


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary for PUA41406 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Defence Diving)

Employability Skills are part of a unit of competency.

Employability Skills statements from a selection of units of competency from the PUA41406 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Defence Diving) have been reproduced in the table below.

This table provides an example of Employability Skills for the qualification because Employability Skills within a qualification will vary depending on the qualification packaging options.

Public Safety qualifications have core units (which must be achieved) and elective units (where there is a choice of units which must be achieved) so different Employability Skills Summaries are possible within the one qualification, depending on the package of core units and chosen elective units.

Employability Skill

Employability Skills Statement


communicate (verbally by radio and non-verbally through signalling methods)

communicate non-verbally with other divers

communicate through underwater radio devices

compile briefs and clear messages

compile reports on equity and diversity issues

discuss and clear dive plan

identify and communicate equity and diversity strategies to team members

interpret and respond to all line signals between diver and supervisor

interpret signals and read gauges

maintain communications

provide feedback on equity and diversity strategies to managers

report regularly and accurately to the supervisor on a diver's condition, position and progress

quarantine any unserviceable equipment and report defects

transmit and receive messages

use diver-to-diver hand signals

use the phonetic alphabet

use words twice procedures

use written and diagrammatic communications on underwater writing boards


apply techniques to support others

assist a diver in fitting and inspecting dive equipment prior to undertaking the dive

assist diver in the removal and stowage of equipment

assist other divers

attend to a SCUBA (air) diver from the surface

confirm diver's equipment

control the diver from the surface during a poor visibility search

ensure all aspects of assistance is given in dive preparation

foster and promote equity and diversity practices

independently check fit and function of equipment

maintain diver's safety line throughout the dive

manage irrecoverable malfunctions through buddy breathing

provide assistance during diver's entry into, and exit from, the water

provide assistance to maximise individual contribution to the attainment of the team objectives

react to individual and group contingencies/emergencies

recognise signs and symptoms of compression related problems (in self and others)

supervise and monitor equity and diversity processes within the workplace

understand team dynamics, aims and objectives

understand the composition, roles and responsibilities of team members

work within a team environment

Problem solving

analyse and solve problems

avoid or manage posed threats

clear and refit flooded face mask and/or blocked mouthpiece

conduct an in-water leak test at the surface to ensure the integrity and functionality of the equipment

conduct unplanned decompression procedures

consider and manage the effects of open water environment

deal with minor incidents

deploy lazy shot, cordage and bail-out cylinder, and set at required depth for the decompression stop

determine and manage constraints and risks relevant to the task

ensure recovery when lost and/or separated

ensure subsequent decompression stops are consistent with the dive plan

estimate and maintain distance

estimate distance travelled using a watch

identify and manage dive-specific medical problems

manage significant systemic failures

manage the range of surface and sub-surface hazards inherent to diving

navigate by day and night, vehicle and foot

navigate underwater and maintain compass bearing

react to, and manage a range of, individual and group contingencies/emergencies

recover spatial awareness when balance is lost under conditions of zero visibility

resolve grievances and complaints without bias

take action to correct inappropriate behaviour

take necessary corrective action/s

understand marine animal threats and marine hazards

use decompression tables

Initiative and enterprise

act independently

be incisive in a fluid and demanding environment

lead by example

Planning and organising

apply processes to resolve grievance and complaints

construct the dive plan using decompression tables

determine and manage the constraints and risks relevant to the task

identify sources of information on equity and diversity in accordance with legislative requirements, and organisational policies and practices

plan the dive

prepare and rig lazy shot and bail-out cylinder

provide advice to stakeholders within resource constraints and operational requirements

understand and apply throughout the operation, occupational health and safety requirements and recognised safety precautions, including those contained in Australian Defence Force procedures


act independently and ensure that the individual decision making process is conducted in accordance with standard procedures

demonstrate situational awareness

maintain measured and controlled breathing

maintain measured and controlled finning


develop an understanding of research and analysis techniques


assemble equipment

dive using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

inspect and prepare lazy shot, cordage and bail-out cylinder

inspect electronic communications device and accessories for serviceability and ensure correct fit

maintain attention to the diver throughout the dives

maintain equipment during the dive

select and inspect equipment for serviceability and if required fit and test equipment