Statement of Attainment

These competencies from the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package (SIS10) meet competency requirements for Cycle Tour Guide On-Road (Day Tours) and will be utilised as the basis for the registration requirements of programs like the National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme (NOLRS).


Those wishing to guide an on-road cycle tour (day tour).


The SIS10 Cycle Tour Guide On-Road (Day Tours) consists of:


Unit code

Unit title

add topic HLTFA301B

Apply first aid

add topic SISOCYT201A

Select, set up and maintain a bike

add topic SISOCYT202A

Demonstrate basic cycling skills

add topic SISOCYT303A

Apply on-road cycling skills

add topic SISOCYT304A

Guide on-road cycle tours

add topic SISOODR302A

Plan outdoor recreation activities

add topic SISOODR303A

Guide outdoor recreation sessions

add topic SISOOPS201A

Minimise environmental impact

add topic SISOOPS304A

Plan for minimal environmental impact

add topic SISOOPS306A

Interpret weather conditions in the field

add topic SISXCAI306A

Facilitate groups

add topic SISXEMR201A

Respond to emergency situations

add topic SISXOHS101A

Follow occupational health and safety policies

add topic SISXRSK301A

Undertake risk analysis of activities

add topic TLIH207D

Plan and navigate routes


These units provide credit towards SIS30410 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation.